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Upcoming Training in Memphis! - June 1th, 2014 "Core Level Training"

June 1

June 8

To Register online follow these 2 links:

Release Form then Application

The Israeli Combat "Core Level" Training session is the core base of all Israeli Counter Terror techniques.

From awareness techniques to aggressive Israeli Counter Terror methods, you will spend the day training hard and learning techniques you have never seen before.

Even if you have trained with Israeli combat training before, use this as a much needed refresher (since I KNOW, and YOU know you don't train hard enough every month,) and there will be updated techniques and drills introduced.

There is NOTHING basic about this training session

You must have at least a reasonable background with a pistol and be ready for a reasonable amount of dynamic movement.

This is NOT another 'shooting' class

Your goal is to train hard, not just to shoot your gun.

We will work hard all day on the following:
Israeli Counter Terror Pistol Techniques, (dry and live fire)
Magazine Change While Moving
Advancing on Your Target(s)
Awareness and Combat Mindset
Aggressive Fighting
Efficiency of Movement Principals
Pushing Through Mental and Physical Stress
Body Guarding Techniques (you can use with your family or friends)
Multiple Targets
Krav-Maga Weapons Disarming Techniques

This training is aggressive and most likely different from any other training you have ever encountered.
You do NOT need to be in great shape to train but you MUST bring P.M.A ... Positive Mental Attitude.

Please contact me via email with any questions.

The price for the day of training, including the range fee, is $275.00
(Please note, in my training sessions, we shoot less ammo and focus more on drilling the techniques into muscle memory.)

Save money on less ammo, save your life with more technique repetition!!

*Payment, via personal check or PayPal must be provided upon registration or a spot will not be reserved for you. This is due to me having to hold spots for people at prior sessions who failed to pay or show for the training at the last minute.

If you need to make payment over a period of time due to financial constraints, just talk to me about it. No problem.

Payment via personal check
Please make the check out to "Ben Goldstein" and mail to the following address:

Ben Goldstein
5100 Poplar Ave
Suite 720
Memphis, TN 38137

To register, please follow these 2 links: (Release form)

Payment via PayPal is available online after registration is complete. All PayPal payments will include the service fee for using PayPal.

Ben Goldstein


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Some footage from August 16th, 2011 training in Conway Arkansas at Shoothouse USA


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(Below) Some new footage from our last Level 3.0 Class



August 4th, 2010 - Read this fantastic article about Israeli Combat Training! Download PDF

July 30th, 2010 - ICT founder mentioned in Esquire Online Magazine! Check this out here


Israeli Combat Training focuses on MORE than just your survival. We train those that move towards the gunfire, not away from it. Our training is for those people who willingly put themselves in harms way in order to defend others from violence.

Whether you are Law Enforcement, Military, a Security professional or simply a civilian who wants to protect his or her family, Israeli Combat Training will train you to respond effectively to various dynamic attack scenarios, including:
• Active Shooter(s)
• Street Violence
• Home Invasion
• Room Clearing
• Weapon Failure
• Multiple Attackers
• Vehicle Ambush and Car Jacking
• Hand to Hand Combat (Krav Maga)

We train you to ALWAYS attack your attackers.

The Israeli Combat Training system is based around creating an unbreakable Warrior Mindset and teaches you to push through the stress and chaos of a “fight for your life” scenario and to never stop or give up.

We will build your muscle memory in a positive way, learning Israeli counter terror pistol techniques that are efficient, logical, simple and effective.
It doesn’t matter to us if you prefer a Glock over a Springfield XD, or a 9mm over a .45.

Israeli Special Forces units and Israeli Tactical SWAT teams always teach and train with the fact that shot placement and violence of action is more important than caliber size. Together with developing a Warrior Mindset, Israeli Combat Pistol training is the key element of our training sessions.

Very few of us actually walk the streets with a rifle or carbine but many of us carry a pistol on a day to day basis. You must learn to use your pistol with surgical precision in a dynamic training environment, all while under the fog and confusion of stress. By training hard and with constant practice, you will build your confidence in your combat abilities and you will know, without a doubt, that you will eliminate your attackers.

Carbine training is also an important component to Israeli Combat Training. Whether you bring the latest AR15 configurations from the leading manufacturers like Spikes Tactical, Bushmaster, Colt, Smith and Wesson, Rock River Arms, LMT (Lewis Machine & Tool), FN or others, you will work hard to develop efficient, logical and effective Israeli techniques that you can apply immediately.

You can “Gear Up” with the latest sights from Aimpoint, Eotech and Trijicon or have the coolest tactical carbine accessories from Magpul, or maybe you just bought the brightest weapon mounted lights from SureFire or Streamlight. The point is that while “Guns and Gear” will help you along the path to becoming a warrior, the best approach is, and always has been, constant dynamic training that introduces you to techniques that work and are easy to learn.

With focus, training and practice, there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your goals.


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